Chapter VII – Nashville, TN

CHTHU_7_VIInashvilleFounded: 1926

History: On March 13, 1926, Mrs. W. S. H. Armistead invited Mrs. Joseph Hayes Acklen, Mrs. Frederick W. Millspaugh, Mrs. C. C. Motz and Mrs. Elizabeth Fry Page to her home on Vanderbilt Place in Nashville, Tennessee. The purpose of this invitation was to organize a chapter of The Colonial Dames of America. The first officers elected were Mrs. Acklen, President, Mrs. Millspaugh, Secretary, Mrs. Armistead, Treasurer and Mrs. Motz, Registrar. At the annual meeting of The Colonial Dames of America, April 30th, 1926, Chapter VII received their charter with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

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