2004 – Chapter XIV, Chicago: Schmidt-Burnham Log House; a restoration project on the historic house in Winnetka, Illinois.

• 2003 – Chapter XIX, Florida Everglades: Parents as Teachers research and educational project; a division of Early Years Educational Foundation of Collier County, Florida.

• 2002 – Chapter II, Philadelphia: Lemon Hill historic house museum; phase two of the educational program “Living History Lessons at Lemon Hill” that received the award in 1999.

• 2001- Chapter XIII, Kansas City: Harris-Kearney House project; restoring the shutters on the oldest standing brick house in Kansas City, Missouri.

• 2000 – Chapter XVII, Palm Beach: Glades Tri-State Education Program; a program of the Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition.

• 1999 – Chapter II, Philadelphia: Lemon Hill historic house museum; a local school study project called “Kids Tour of Lemon Hill by Kids”.

• 1998 – Chapter V, San Francisco: Camron-Stanford House Preservation Association; a slide and tape conversion to video lecture on their historic site.