10.23.2021 – CDA Virtual Fall Benefit Tea

10.23.2021 – CDA Virtual Fall Benefit Tea


Proceeds fund the initiatives of the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum (built in 1799), which is wholly owned and operated by The Colonial Dames of America.

Thank you to the many contributors for this year’s benefit:


Anonymous (4)
Laurie Aldinger
Sumner Anderson
Evelyn Aucoin
Mary Lynne Bird
Jane Campbell
Chapter XXIV Atlanta
Kathi Chulick
John Chulick
Robin Dougherty
Anne Farley
Melissa Gaffney
Ashley Ganz
Connie Grund
Sharon Hare
Pegi Ivancevich
Theresa K. Johnson
Suzanne Boone Katz
Ann Robinson King
Brantley Bolling Knowles
Jocelyn Lance
Carolyn E.B. Levin
Carol M. Lynch
Rebecca H. Madsen
Stephen S. Madsen
Angela Masand
Anne Nemetz
Pamela Pate
Sandra Pearl
Erwin Pearl
Martha Custis Peter
Melanie Peterson & Family
Laura Ramsay
Anna Rich
David B. Rich III
Dianne Robinson
Lauren Rose
Christine Rother
Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn
Christine Tredway
Sharon Vaino
Jaan Vaino
Toni K. Wirth



Judey Buckbee
Chapter XXI Dallas
Chapter XXIII Virginia
Elizabeth Ruhland
Katherine Sharp
Adina V. Taylor
Douglas Reid Weimer




Penny Adams-O’Neill
Priscilla Stearns Barlow
Chapter II Philadelphia
Chapter III Washington, DC
Lynn Ferron
JoLee P. Haddock
Cathy Hedlund
Sharon Holt
Jeanette Keatts
Deborah Kopinski
Melissa Levesque
Ellie Penniman
Alexandra Lind Rose
Vicki Smith
Barbara Suhay
Marie Thiele
Ellen W. Tozer




Staci-Jill Burnley

Chapter XVIII Springfield

Priscilla Roberts

Erica Brookman Zick

Anna Rich
Lauren Rose


Saturday, October 23, 2021
4 pm Eastern


Video Conference via Zoom


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