Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden Anniversaries Fundraising Campaign

  Donate to the campaign here.   2024 is an exciting year in the history of the Colonial Dames of America. It marks the 225th anniversary of the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden building's construction, the 100th anniversary of the building purchase by CDA, and the 85th

The President General’s Anniversary Project

This 125th anniversary, the President General has chosen to make the restoration of the MVHMG as her special project. Donations are earmarked for restoration and repair of the facade of The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, including the balcony. $100[wp_cart_button name="MVHMG Restoration Fund" price="$100"]$250[wp_cart_button name="MVHMG

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CDA General Operating Fund What is the money going to be used for? How much does this much pay for. A plea for funds? $100[wp_cart_button name="CDA General Operating Fund" price="$100"] $250[wp_cart_button name="CDA General Operating Fund" price="$250"] $500[wp_cart_button name="CDA General Operating Fund" price="$500"] $1000[wp_cart_button name="CDA General Operating Fund" price="$1000"] $1890[wp_cart_button name="CDA General