CDA Media and Branding Information

On the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of founding of The Colonial Dames of America, the Society rededicated itself to its original mission much as it did in 1915, when the Society marked its 25th Anniversary.
A century ago an important question was asked and answered:

“What are we? A well-organized, dignified, compact society, with chapters reaching from San Francisco to Paris and from the Gulf to the Northern States. No attempt was made on the part of the founders to call into being a large, unwieldy association, but rather one of gradual, healthy, and natural growth. What have we accomplished? Perhaps the greatest work of all, inspiring wisdom and patriotism of our forefathers.”

What is CDA known for in 2015? What is our brand?

–A commitment to historic preservation by our headquarters and chapters around the United States and Europe;

The Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden in New York, owned and operated by CDA and accredited by the American Alliance of Museums; every member of The Colonial Dames of America is automatically a member of the museum.

Scholarship awards, which promote American history and research;

–An annual Book Award, which recognizes outstanding work on the subject of American history in books for both adults and young adults;

–Our place as the oldest women’s lineage society focused on the Colonial period;

–The leadership of the Society and a membership composed of dedicated and competent women;

–A continued interest in maintaining a well-organized, dignified, compact society, setting ourselves apart from other lineage organizations with our gradual, healthy and natural growth policy.

A key to distinguishing The Colonial Dames of America from other lineage organizations is having a consistent message that is communicated by every CDA chapter, every Dame, and by the CDA headquarters and Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden in New York. One element of this is visual. Below you will find downloadable, high-resolution versions of the CDA medallion and logo. These should be used on your digital and printed materials, both internal (within your chapter) and external (website, sponsorship materials, etc.)

The medallion is a re-creation of a elegant and beautiful design used during much of CDA’s history. It is distinctive and clearly illustrates the year of our founding, and includes our much beloved “lady,” thirteen stars representing the original Colonies, and a chain which unifies them.

Additional Design Specifications

Color and font information is available for chapter use.
Please send an email request to [email protected]