CDA Republishes Historic Book of Letters

PAG1Pages in Azure and Gold, a volume of letters originally published in 1915 on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Society, has been republished by CDA to commemorate its 125th Anniversary and to benefit The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden (MVHGM). The book is not only a look back at the travels and experiences of two very privileged ladies of the Gilded Age, but it is also a reflection of a unique period in American history before World War I.

These intimate and detailed exchanges between Mary Perkins Quincy and Sarah Diodati Gardiner, members of the Parent Chapter in New York, document a sumptuous lifestyle now vanished. The people they met, the palaces and grand hotels they visited in Europe, Great Britain, Northern Africa, the Caribbean, and the historic houses they called home in America are snapshots to be treasured. Imagine a Dame wearing a picture hat, a long dress and petticoats climbing aboard a camel to visit the Pyramids; picture a fabulous Carnival ball and a lady dressed in Spanish costume and mantilla. These are only two of the adventures enjoyed by these intrepid travelers, who break their journeys around the world to stop off for a CDA lunch at the Metropolitan Club or to attend the inaugural meeting of Chapter VI in Shreveport.

The Heritage hardcover of Pages in Azure and Gold  is available in a very limited edition. Your purchase is a wonderful way to support the MVHMG and the President General’s 125th Anniversary Project. Your chapter might also consider donating the hardback to your local library or genealogical society. The price of $125 represents the Society’s 125 years of support of historic preservation and education; your purchase will help to continue restoration and repair efforts of our own very special museum. Color cover, 182 pages, illustrations.

The softcover edition of Pages in Azure and Gold is available for $15 each. These are fun to read and make great gifts for chapter members, Daughter Dames, or speakers. All proceeds go to the MVHMG. Color cover, 182 pages, illustrations. Mail orders will include $3.00 for shipping and handling.

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