February 5th, 2016 – Garden Godmothers Support MVHMG Replanting, Redesign

NS_MVHMGCharlotte2The garden of The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden has been replanted and redesigned under the auspices of the Garden and Grounds Committee of The Colonial Dames of America, chaired by Charlotte Squarcy.

Funds raised in Fall 2015 supported the planting of a new lawn (front and back), pruned fruit trees, planting of 1500 bulbs and a Respite Garden on the east side of the property, which was planted with more than 100 perennials. Environmental Landscape Design and the Eagle Scouts. The garden is expected to be in full bloom during the 126th Annual Meeting of The Colonial Dames of America and the Garden Party on Sunday, May 1.

The committee instituted a new category of giving, offering donors the opportunity to become Godmothers of the Garden. The Committee would like to thank the following chapters and individuals for their generosity:

CDA Chapter VIII, in honor of Alice Horn, Beverly Draper, Audrey Weedn, and Ann Crain

CDA Chapter XXII, in memory of Esther “Faity” Tuttle


Evelyn Aucoin, in memory of Evelyn Wilson Chapman

Joyce Bockemuehl, in memory of Esther “Faity” Tuttle

Rosemary Bertram

Turalu Brady

Pamela Bryant

Kathi Chulick

Jan Cummins

Marie-Laure Degener

Elizabeth Farish, in honor of Alice Horn

Ann Ford, in honor of Alice Horn

Sharon Garrison

Sally Gibbons

Pegi Ivancevich, in honor of Margaret Morris Karsher

Susan Johnson, in honor of Chapter V

Christine Jones

Nancy Shackleford Jones

Carol Kleyensteuber

Brantley Knowles

Mary Louise Kreisch

Sally Lee

Carolyn Levin

Patsy Limpus

Kay Martinelli

Nancy McClellan

Caroline McLain

Lynn McNamara

MP Naud

Elaine Oldham

Claire Pryor, in memory of Esther “Faity” Tuttle

Diane Reimers

Priscilla Roberts, in memory of John Sands Autry, a Virginia gentleman

Christine Rother, in memory of Elsie B. Trask, PPG 1970-1974

Sandra Schaad

Florentina Scott

Beverley Sherrid

Ann Simmons

Rebecca Slaughter

Heather Speas

Kathy Springhorn, in honor of Esther “Faity” Tuttle

Charlotte Squarcy, in memory of Mrs. Willard Bayard Van Horne and in honor of PPG Nancy Shackelford Jones

Mary Anne Tilney

Anne Todd, in honor of Augustine L. Gifford

Jane Told

Sharon Vaino, in memory of Esther “Faity” Tuttle

Carol Vercellino

Rebecca Viebrock

Mary Reid Warner, in honor of Chapter XXXIV

Priscilla Weld

Linda Kay Vandenberg White

Carolyn Whittle

Carolyn Young

Clelia Zacharias

Sally Moore

Christina Morris