Spring 2019 – Message from the President General

Spring 2019 – Message from the President General

Dear Dames,


As I begin the second year of my term, I am evermore grateful to the wise ladies who founded our Society, The Colonial Dames of America (CDA), on May 23, 1890. These prescient women created the first lineage society for women embracing the colonial period. And I applaud you, the current membership, for continuing this tradition. The usage of part of our legal name, “Colonial Dames,” by other lineage groups (of which there are several), continues to cause confusion. But always remember – you are a member of the original Dames and should be proud of your unique affiliation!


I hope to see many of you on the CDA Jamestown Gates Trip, September 17-19, 2019 in Richmond, VA, and Historic Jamestown. Electronic invitations were recently sent to all Dames, so please check your inbox. Thanks to many of you, our Society has raised the generous funds necessary to restore and preserve the iconic 1907 gates erected by our CDA predecessors. We will have a formal rededication, VIP tours of the island, gala events, as well as a very special Historic Richmond tour and lunch the following day. The 2019 CDA Gates Project honors the 400th Anniversary of the First Representational General Assembly on these shores…the cradle of modern democracy.


As we enjoy a restful (or those of us with grandchildren, eventful) summer with family and friends, please remember that the CDA office and Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden is your home away from home in New York. You are always welcome to come and tour the museum (at no charge to Dames), or rest in the charming garden. Just ask for Museum Director Terri Daly or one of her professional staff members when you arrive. Then come next door to CDA’s corporate office and have a cup of tea. A private desk, computer, and landline can be made available for your use. You will be warmly welcomed by Executive Director Deb McWilliams and/or Assistant Director Nicole Scholet.


With admiration for all you do to honor and fulfill the mission of the CDA,


CDA President General 2018-2021