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Lemon Hill

This historic house was built in 1799 on the former estate of Robert Morris, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Chapter II-Philadelphia maintained the house for almost sixty years, 1957-2016. Dames' mission was to increase awareness of this unique and nationally important Federal-style mansion

Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church – Wilmington, DE

Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Chapter I-Baltimore, Chapter II – Philadelphia, and the Society made a major contribution to the restoration, including pews and the original brick and stone aisle. (Reference: Colonial Churches, A Series of Sketches in the Original Colony of Virginia, 1897, Southern

The Letters to Washington

Letters to Washington and Accompanying Papers, in five volumes, was published in 1906 through the generosity of The Colonial Dames and its chapters. Chapter II- Philadelphia presented a set of the books to the Library at Valley Forge.

Christ Church – Philadelphia, PA

Christ Church, Philadelphia, 250th anniversary; Chapter II – Philadelphia, presented a marble tablet honoring the memory of Henry Compton, Bishop of London (1675-1713) during the tenure of William Penn in Pennsylvania.