HP_JamestownGateSquareSince its founding in 1890, the objects of The Colonial Dames of America, as outlined by the by-laws, include:
1) To maintain its headquarters as a museum, and to maintain other restorations, for educational purposes;
2) To provide educational opportunities and scholarships;
3) To collect for preservation manuscripts, traditions, relics, and mementoes of American history;
4) To commemorate the great historical events of the thirteen original Colonies;
5) To diffuse scholarly information and create popular interest in American history.


Both the Society and the Chapters have contributed their efforts to fulfill CDA’s goals. The following are some of the restorations and historic preservation projects undertaken by The Colonial Dames of America since its founding. The Society exists to live up to its motto, Colere Coloniarum Gloriam, to preserve the ideals of the Colonies.