Author: N. Scholet

Christ Church – Philadelphia, PA

Christ Church, Philadelphia, 250th anniversary; Chapter II – Philadelphia, presented a marble tablet honoring the memory of Henry Compton, Bishop of London (1675-1713) during the tenure of William Penn in Pennsylvania.

The National Cathedral – Washington, DC

National Cathedral (St. Peter and St. Paul), Washington, visit of the Prince of Wales, November 1919. Chapter III-Washington presented a tree, which was planted by the Prince in the Cathedral Close.

The Henry Hudson Memorial Shaft – New York, NY

The Henry Hudson Memorial Shaft, Riverside Drive at 72nd Street, City of New York, 1910. The Colonial Dames of America presented this memorial to Henry Hudson, discoverer of the Hudson River, as part of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909 (a temporary facsimile was presented in

Gun Carriage – Ft. McHenry, MD

Gun Carriage, Ft. McHenry (1812), Md. Chapter I-Baltimore purchased the old gun carriage from the US Government in 1907 and presented it to the Fort, the site where Frances Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner.