Author: N. Scholet

Chapter III – Washington, DC

Founded: March 1898 History: Our five founding members were Miss Ursula Boudinot, Mrs. Schuyler Crowninshield, Miss Susan Palfrey Lee, Mrs. James Lowndes, and Mrs. Edward McCauley. Historic Preservation: The Colonial Dames of America, Chapter III were looking for an historic house in the District of Columbia to restore

Chapter IV – Paris, France

Founded: 1901 History: Chapter IV was founded in Paris eleven years after the organization of The Colonial Dames of America. Historic Preservation: The chapter helped to create the Arboretum at the Franco-American museum of Blerancourt; the site is filled with American species for autumn colors and the

Chapter V – San Francisco Bay Area

Founded: July 17, 1902 History: Chapter V, founded July 17, 1902 with five charter members, was assisted in the formalities of organization by Miss Katherine Dewey, a member of the Parent Chapter, who was then living in San Francisco.  During the following year, nine new members

Chapter VI – Shreveport, LA

Founded: 1910 History: The Shreveport, Louisiana chapter was the sixth chapter to be founded as part of the Colonial Dames of America. Chapter Project: Chapter VI - Shreveport, LA gives annual scholarships to American History students at Centenary College. VIEW DETAILS [LOGIN REQUIRED]

Chapter VII – Nashville, TN

Founded: 1926 History: On March 13, 1926, Mrs. W. S. H. Armistead invited Mrs. Joseph Hayes Acklen, Mrs. Frederick W. Millspaugh, Mrs. C. C. Motz and Mrs. Elizabeth Fry Page to her home on Vanderbilt Place in Nashville, Tennessee. The purpose of this invitation was to

Chapter VIII – Houston, TX

Founded: 1928 Chapter Project: The first project is to fund student summer internships at the Mount Vernon Museum and Garden. This will help the upkeep of our museum and gardens, as well as give deserving students an opportunity to learn about the nation’s history and preservation. These

Chapter IX – Lexington, KY

Founded: April 1929 Historic Preservation: Chapter IX contributes $1,000 annually for the maintenance of the Colonial Dames bedroom in the Ephraim McDowell House Museum in Danville, Kentucky and $1,000 annually to the Margaret I. King Rare Book Department of the Library of the University of Kentucky for

Chapter XI – London, England

Founded: 1930 History: Known Founding Members included Christine Fitzgerald, Virginia Kepple-Palmer, Elisabeth Myatt, Florence Palmer, Marion Tuck, Eleanor Winslow. There is a note in Chapter XI documents that states ‘Miss Van Rensselaer drew up an ancestry chart of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s CDA membership claim and it

Chapter XII – Saint Louis, MO

Founded: 1938 History: Chapter XII of the Colonial Dames of America was founded on November 16, 1938 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Chapter Project: Chapter XII encourages historical preservation in the Saint Louis area. VIEW DETAILS [LOGIN REQUIRED]