Author: N. Scholet

Rock Hall – Hewlitt Long Island, NY

An important stop on the Underground Railroad, Rock Hill is maintained by the township of Hewlitt. The CDA contributed to its original restoration in 1950.

Society Board of Managers

President General Sharon Worthing Vaino 1st Vice President Beverley Tucker Wahl Sherrid 2nd Vice President Brantley Carter Bolling Knowles Treasurer Jane Hill Told Recording Secretary M. Patricia Curran Naud Corresponding Secretary Sandra Neil Sellers Pearl Laurie Ann Cornwell Aldinger Mary Reiner Barnes Catherine Coleman Brawer Charlotte Josephine Christian Ruth Gail McClanahan Holman Margaret Bryant Karsner Ivancevich Carol M. Degener Lynch Kathleen Elizabeth Springhorn  Keith

Chapter I – Baltimore, Maryland

Founded: 1892 History: Five ladies founded Chapter I with Mary Washington Keyser as its first President. Over the years the chapter has offered college scholarships, underwritten genealogical publications, and raised funds to preserve historical landmarks both locally and nationally. Historic Preservation: Chapter I restored the parlor at Hampton National

Chapter II – Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 1895 History: The chapter was chartered in 1895 as the CDA's second chapter. Its most notable project has been the operation of a Federal-style house built by Henry Pratt in 1800 as a museum for almost sixty years. Historic Preservation: The chapter operated the Lemon Hill Mansion in